Our Equipment

Bosch EPS-625 test Bench Back up by Genco Test bench Bosch EPS-100 Nozzle Tester Bosch Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment

We have introduced Bosch EPS-625 Test Bench first time in Bangladesh in the year 2014. This test bench still ever latest Test Bench in Bangladesh market. Its helps us to assess and to do calibration properly. We use appropriate service information and test data while working. We are committed to provide quality service to our customers. We have other Test Bench Genco to support our customers frequently on demand. We have Nozzle Tester Bosch EPS-100 and Bosch Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment. We also use appropriate service tools to open and re-fix pumps carefully.

We have large service tools in stocks. Our technicians are well trained to using these equipments. Gradually we are adding latest equipments in our workshop.


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